Best Proxies for LinkedIn in 2024

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LinkedIn is one of the essential platforms for professionals, specifically those who want to connect with people of similar fields worldwide. It is a social media platform, but unlike other platforms solely based on entertainment and information, it is mainly focused on business and employment.In this guide, we will showcase the best proxies for LinkedIn.

If we talk about the history of the LinkedIn platform, it was launched by Reid Hoffman and Eric Ly. in May 2003. Ryan Roslansky is the man who is CEO of LinkedIn. Its headquarters is in Sunnyvale, California. Spread in different cities around the world, it now has 19,400 employees who are handling it.

After COVID-29, the world has been diverted to digital presence, and this is the reason that in 2020, more than 720 million users joined LinkedIn for the jobs and professional purposes. Now, it has become the largest online platform where people find jobs.

Best Proxy Types for LinkedIn

Petaproxy is the top-rated platform offering services for the LinkedIn proxy. It distinguishes itself as a top preference for various compelling reasons, ensuring that your online presence is not just established but optimized to its fullest potential. It offers 2 types of proxies for LinkedIn i.e. the datacenter and mobile proxies.

A mobile proxy for LinkedIn is a type of proxy server that routes your internet traffic through a mobile device’s network, using the associated mobile IP address. Mobile proxies are known for providing a level of authenticity to online activities, as they use IP addresses assigned to mobile devices, making them appear more like human-generated traffic.

Datacenter proxies only require a small amount of data. They are useful SEO or data tracking procedures from LinkedIn. Another feature of these proxies is that they are not affiliated with an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

From these types of proxies, mobile proxies are best due to their several advantages, which the other proxies do not provide.

Best Mobile Proxies for LinkedIn

Mobile proxies are based on the IP address.Those Proxies are known for their IP rotation wich makes it impossible for websites to ban the IP Besides LinkedIn, these are also useful for the other websites you want to visit and where you want to keep your IP address private. 

Some of the features of the mobile proxies which we offer are given below:

Adjustable Rotation

The most unique mobile proxy feature is the adjustable IP rotation. It means that the IP address will be automatically adjusted after each interval or when you reset it. 

Unmetered Bandwidth

Another exciting feature of the mobile proxy for LinkedIn is that it allows you to pay the money based on the speed rather than the traffic. Using it, you can enjoy the maximum advantages based on the net speed. Hence, you can save a lot of money even if you have the highest traffic on a website.

 Unlimited Threads

You can enjoy unlimited connections using an IP using our mobile proxy for LinkedIn. For example, you can connect 100 LinkedIn accounts with the same IP address.

Best Datacenter Proxies for LinkedIn

As we mentioned above about the datacenter proxies, these are useful for the SEO and web scrapping tools to use them on multiple sites. These proxies work as an intermediary between your device and the internet connection. Once you use them, these will help you work faster.

Here are some benefits of these types of proxies from the products which we are offering:

Multiple Subnets

It means you can access multiple IP addresses using your system/device. Each subnet refers to a specific IP address. When you use them as a proxy for LinkedIn, there are no chances of your blockage, as accessing and blocking different IP addresses is impossible.

Unlimited Threads

Using our LinkedIn proxy service provider means you can access multiple connections at a time. The ability to run multiple threads concurrently allows users to perform tasks more efficiently and faster. It is essential for web scraping, data extraction, or any automated processes where various tasks must be executed simultaneously.

Navigate LinkedIn Anonymously! Protect Your Privacy with Our Proven Mobile Proxies. Join Now for a More Secure Networking Experience. Select the Datacenter or Mobile proxy, depending upon your choice, and revolutionize your networking and data-scrapping strategy!

Why to Use the Best Proxies for LinkedIn?

Besides offering web scraping opportunities, here are some benefits of using proxies for LinkedIn:

Helps in Automation

The proxy helps to automate tasks like sending connections to multiple people and posting content. It provides human-like interaction in all aspects of LinkedIn usage. 

Data Research

Another advantage of a proxy service provider is that you can access research data by hiding your IP address. A LinkedIn proxy helps to research a lot of data through the different IP addresses. Your real IP won't be detected. Moreover, it's unusual to see IP addresses at any cost due to multiple IPs, which change after each interval once we use the proxy for LinkedIn. 

Location Based Access

A poxy helps to get access to the various location-based account access. For example, you can run multiple accounts on the same device. Each account reveals a different IP address. Hence, you can access the location-based access and features on LinkedIn.


Finally, use mobile proxies to protect your privacy and browse LinkedIn without being tracked. Petaproxy will change the way you scrape the data at LinkedIn, whether you choose our datacenter or mobile proxies.With Petaproxy you have the best proxies for LinkedIn. Follow LinkedIn’s rules while enjoying automation, data study, and access based on location. 


Is it Illegal to scrape LinkedIn?

Yes, it is illegal to scrape LinkedIn. They will ban your account if they find someone doing something like this. However, if you want to do so, ensure you perform it with precautions. You can use our LinkedIn proxies for the sake of secure scrape LinkedIn purposes.

Are Proxies Safe to Scrape LinkedIn?

Not all types of proxies are safe to use to scrape LinkedIn. According to the LinkedIn policy, the proxies are not legal to use for LinkedIn, and hence, these are not safe to use. If you want to use the proxies, then you must get permission from the LinkedIn relevant authorities. If it is urgent to use due to some essential tasks, then take precautions and use them. 

Can I use a free proxy to Scrape LinkedIn?

Yes, you can use free proxies; however, free proxies are usually slow and can resist many projects. So, if you have enough budget, we suggest you use the paid LinkedIn proxy for safe and secure data scrapping. 

Can proxies lead to LinkedIn bans?

Yes, some chances of using proxies may lead to the LinkedIn ban. However, if you use the correct proxy, there are fewer chances that LinkedIn will lead to this act.

Why Choose Petaproxy?

Petapoxy is one of the top-rated LinkedIn proxy service providers, which aims to scrap the data and get access to different LinkedIn features. You will enjoy unlimited features, including multiple subnets, threads, data scraping, etc, at cost-effective rates using Petaproxy LinkedIn proxy services.

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