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€150,00 / month

Best Performance at 500 Threads

Shared vs. Dedicated Datacenter Proxies: Which One Is Right for You?

Shared Datacenter Proxies

Cost-Effective Flexibility

Shared datacenter proxies are a popular choice for many users due to their cost-effectiveness. When you opt for shared proxies, you’re essentially sharing the IP address with multiple users. This makes them more affordable, but it can also mean that the speed and performance might vary based on the traffic from other users. They’re ideal for tasks that don’t require high levels of privacy or for users who are just getting started with proxy usage and want to test the waters without a significant investment.

Shared Datacenter Proxy for RankerX
Datacenter Proxy for GSA Ser

Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Premium Private Access

Dedicated datacenter proxies, also known as private proxies, are exclusively reserved for a single user. This ensures a higher level of privacy, security, and consistent performance. With dedicated proxies, you have the entire bandwidth and IP address to yourself, leading to faster speeds and more reliable connections. They’re perfect for businesses or individuals who require a high level of anonymity and don’t want their proxy IP to be blacklisted due to the actions of others. While they come at a higher price point compared to shared proxies, the benefits often outweigh the costs for those seeking optimal performance and security.

Datacenter Proxies for RankerX, GSA SER, XRumer, and ScrapeBox

In the realm of SEO and web scraping, the tools you use can make or break your efforts. Among these tools, datacenter proxies stand out as a crucial component, especially when paired with powerful software like RankerX, GSA SER, XRumer, and ScrapeBox. Let’s explore their synergistic relationship.

RankerX and the Role of Proxies

RankerX is a renowned SEO tool designed to boost website rankings by creating quality backlinks. To maximize its efficiency and bypass potential bans or restrictions, datacenter proxies are indispensable. They mask the real IP address, ensuring RankerX can operate seamlessly, accessing diverse websites and building backlinks without detection.

GSA SER: Automated Backlink Building

GSA Search Engine Ranker (SER) is an automated tool that creates backlinks 24/7. Given the volume and frequency of its operations, using datacenter proxies becomes essential. These proxies prevent IP blacklisting, enable geo-targeting, and ensure uninterrupted backlink creation, enhancing the tool’s efficacy.

XRumer: The Powerhouse of SEO

While details about XRumer’s specific functionalities are not provided in the given data, it’s widely known in the SEO community as a powerful tool for link building and forum posting. Datacenter proxies ensure that XRumer can perform its tasks without IP restrictions, maximizing its outreach and efficiency.

ScrapeBox: Web Scraping Excellence

ScrapeBox is more than just an SEO tool; it’s a comprehensive web scraping software. Whether you’re harvesting URLs, checking backlinks, or posting on blogs, datacenter proxies ensure you can access a vast range of websites without being detected or banned. This ensures data integrity and enhances the breadth of your scraping endeavors.

Datacenter Proxies: 8 Use Cases to Consider


The ideal proxies for Moneyrobot are data center proxies: they are fast, affordable, and have no IP bans.

Web Scraping Efficiency

Datacenter proxies ensure smooth, uninterrupted web scraping without IP bans.


Our Favorite Choice of Proxies for GSA Link Building: Fast and Cost-Efficient.

Geo-Targeted Content Access

Bypass geo-restrictions and access localized content using datacenter proxies.

Enhancing Online Privacy

Mask your IP and boost online anonymity with datacenter proxies.


Our datacenter proxies are the top choice for Xrumer when it comes to backlink building.

Ad Verification and Monitoring

Ensure effective ad display and monitor competitors using datacenter proxies.

Speedy Load Testing

Test website performance under varied traffic with datacenter proxies.

Experience the PetaProxy Advantage: Top Datacenter Proxies

Enhanced Security

Browse anonymously and protect your IP address.

Cost-Effective Solution

Premium service without the hefty price tag.

Scalability at its Best

Adaptable solutions for businesses of all sizes.

99.9% Uptime

Consistent, uninterrupted service for seamless operations.

Robust Authentication

Use ip:port:username:password for tailored and safe proxy connections.

Global Coverage

Connect worldwide and overcome geo-blocks.

High-Speed Connectivity

Enjoy ultra-fast internet and low latency with PetaProxy.

Dedicated Support

Prompt assistance for all your queries.

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