Best Proxies for Amazon in 2024

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Best Proxies for amazon

Located in Seattle, Washington, Amazon is an American Multinational Technology company with a focus on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and AI. In 1994, Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, one of the world’s largest online retailers. Amazon offers books, music, furniture, and clothing, as well as other items.Let´s dive in deeper for the best proxies for amazon.

 Amazon also offers free two-day shipping on millions of items, as well as Amazon Prime, which allows unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows. There are currently two corporate headquarters for Amazon. The company’s original headquarters are located in Seattle, but a second campus is located in Arlington, Virginia, called “HQ2.” 

More than 300 million customers worldwide shop at Amazon, and more than 1.7 million small businesses sell there as well. Since Amazon generates different data points on customers and brands, it makes it a valuable data source for businesses. Amazon may impose restrictions or limitations on multiple account users due to their policies. You will learn about Amazon proxies, how they work, and what they have to offer in this comprehensive guide.

What are the Best Proxy Types for Amazon?

Choose Mobile or Datacenter for the best proxies for amazon

All social media marketers, bloggers, website owners, social media agencies, and marketing companies should use the best proxies for amazon. In order to find the best Amazon pricing data, many people use Web scraping tools and Stealth accounts, from small brands to large corporations.

For you to get the most out of your scraping, no matter what tools you use, make sure you use a proxy with them. You’ll want to enter the IP address of the proxy you’re using in the settings of each browser and app where you’ll find its proxy settings. 

Use Mobile and Datacenter Proxies to create and manage multiple Amazon accounts (Stealth), schedule Amazon tasks, scrape Amazon data, and never worry about being blocked or banned.

Datacenter Proxies for Amazon

Best Datacenter Proxies for Amazon offered by petaproxy

Datacenter proxies shine when you are dealing with big projects, such as collecting a lot of data from the web or handling a large number of tasks at once. As fast, efficient, and effective as a sports car, they get the job done quickly.

A datacenter proxy is a proxy that is hosted on a powerful server at the datacenter. Therefore, big jobs can be handled quickly with lightning-fast speeds. Consider it the equivalent of a super-fast internet connection that can handle a large amount of data at once. In fact, their speed and efficiency make them ideal for tasks such as web scraping (collecting a lot of information from the web) and bulk processing.

Mobile Proxies for Amazon

A mobile proxy connects you to the internet through a mobile device. In addition to creating buzz on social media or monitoring your brand’s reputation online, mobile proxies are also useful for managing your different accounts on business platforms like Amazon. There are a variety of uses for mobile proxies, making them an excellent solution for various situations.

For activities like managing different accounts, online shopping, web scraping or watching YouTube without restrictions, these proxies are great because they are super reliable and emulate real user behavior. In addition to managing multiple accounts on different social and business platforms, mobile proxies are the best for purchases made online.

For Amazon, there are several mobile proxies that can be used to manage multiple accounts and can be useful for web scraping:

• Froxy
• Brightdata
• Rayobyte
• Private Proxy
• Soax


You may find it challenging to choose the best proxy for this process. PetaProxy is exactly what you need here. If you need a proxy service for accomplishing any task, PetaProxy is one of the best. 

The ability of Petaproxy to leverage mobile IPs, which is highly trusted by different business platforms like Amazon, is one of its key advantages. Since mobile IPs are hard to detect and block, online business platforms can continue to access the data they need to gain insight into their businesses without interruption. 

Among all the proxies for amazon, Petaproxy is the best for managing multiple accounts like Stealth accounts, on Amazon without getting banned and also helpful for web scraping by avoiding anti-scraping measures implemented by websites. Amazon and other e-commerce platforms find it harder to detect and block mobile IPs because they are more trusted.

Why Use Proxies for Amazon?

It is Amazon’s policy to block access to specific IP addresses in order to prevent businesses from creating multiple marketing accounts. Detecting and eliminating any account that has bot-like behavior is especially important to Amazon since it wants all of its accounts to belong to real people. The IP address of a fake account can easily be detected if it matches the IP address of another profile. 

Proxy servers could be beneficial for Amazon in a number of ways. Proxy usage for Amazon should be considered according to legal and ethical considerations. Legal considerations may apply to proxy servers, depending on your jurisdiction.

Let`s dive into the use-cases for proxies for amzon:

Managing Multi Accounts

Sellers are limited to one account per region per Amazon, according to the platform's guidelines. A number of justifications and prerequisites need to be considered if you plan to operate multiple seller accounts. Assume you have to sell products in two different categories to two different companies. Or you may need to register with Amazon for a program that requires a different account. It is possible for you to have multiple Amazon seller accounts.

Web Scraping

When scraping data from Amazon, you can send requests to multiple IP addresses using proxies. There are many factors that could determine whether scraping Amazon is legal or not, including the jurisdiction and the specifics of what you are doing. According to Amazon's terms of service, you can extract publicly available data. Before scraping any data from Amazon, ensure that you have sought legal advice.


Amazon is a giant in the online world, attracting millions of users worldwide. To navigate its ecosystem effectively, many use proxies, which act as intermediaries between users and Amazon’s servers.

It is possible to manage multiple accounts and activities like online shopping or web scraping using proxies, including mobile proxies and datacenter proxies, which mimic real user behavior or are like super-fast connections, ideal for handling big projects quickly.


What are Proxies for Amazon?

An Amazon proxy provides a connection to Proxy servers are computers that act as intermediaries between your computer and websites you visit.

Your identity is masked by routing all requests through the same IP address. By using these proxies, you can access from anywhere in the world, even if is blocked in your country.

Are Proxies safe to scrape Amazon?

Yes, you can use proxies for your online activities, such as Amazon scraping or web scraping. Proxy servers come with some risks, depending on what kind you choose and how you use them.

Can I use a free proxy to scrape Amazon?

There are many kinds of proxies, including datacenter, datacenter, shared, private, and rotating ones. Proxy servers that rotate their IP addresses are especially useful for managing multiple seller accounts and  scraping websites like, since they assign a new IP address upon each request. Amazon scraping cannot be done properly with free proxies.

Why Choose Petaproxy for Amazon?

Among all the proxies, Petaproxy is the best for managing multiple seller accounts and for web scraping, without getting flagged or banned. Amazon and other online platforms find it harder to detect and block mobile IPs because they are more trusted.

Philipp Neuberger

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Philipp, a key writer at Petaproxy, specializes in internet security and proxy services. His background in computer science and network security informs his in-depth, yet accessible articles. Known for clarifying complex technical topics, Philipp’s work aids both IT professionals and casual internet users.

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