What Is A Sneaker Bot? Secure Your Favourite Pair

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Sneaker Bot

The rise in limited editions and one-time sales has created a lot of demand among shoe fans whose tastes are always changing. To improve their chances of getting desired shoes, shoe fans use complex programs called “sneaker bots.”

This in-depth guide tries to explain the complicated workings of sneaker aid technology and show how these computerized systems have changed the way people buy sneakers online. We’ll look at how shoe support tools have changed over time, from their earliest forms to more modern versions that have been updated to fit the needs of the ever-changing sneaker market.

We will talk about the moral issues that come up when using these tools and try to find the balance between actions that might hurt the shoe community as a whole and actions that might help people in the sneaker world.

The Rise of Sneaker Bots

The sneaker market is growing very quickly, and so are the tools that help people buy shoes. At first, these tools were made to speed up the buying process, but they quickly turned into advanced services that fans and collectors alike wanted.

Limited-edition shoes are very popular, which is why there are so many tools to help with sneakers. As fans compete to get their hands on limited editions, these tools become the best way to do it. Sneaker aid tools have gone from being useful to essential items for shoe fans, making them essential for managing the competitive sneaker world.

How Sneaker Bots Work ?

Sneaker help tools are powerful automatic tools that make buying shoes online easier and better when new styles come out. Imagine a virtual helper who works nonstop to get highly sought-after pairs by figuring out the best ways to launch during times of high demand.

Smart algorithms are used by these tools to quickly process information and complete jobs correctly. By using proxy networks, sneaker help tools make multiple links to a website without getting caught. Because proxy cycles are always changing, it looks like users are interacting normally, so the website’s security measures don’t notice.

When sneakers are about to go on sale, shoe aid tools use quick checkout processes to help users get the sneakers they want before anyone else. Users who can quickly enter shipping information, choose sizes, and finish deals have an advantage in the race to get desired shoes.

Basically, sneaker help tools work like smart computers that can do things faster than people can. This is helpful in the fast-paced world of online shoe shopping. But success still depends on things like how stable your computer is, how fast your internet connection is, and how the release is set up. People who like sneakers can learn more about how the culture of buying shoes is changing because they understand how these tools work on the inside.

How to use a Sneaker Bot: Step by Step

So, you’ve got your hands on a sneaker bot, and now you’re eager to maximize its potential during those high-stakes online releases.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the world of sneaker bots effectively:

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Acquire a Reliable Sneaker Bot

Get a sneaker bot that you can trust and that fits your needs and goals. Make sure the tool you buy fits your wants by doing research and reading reviews.

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Set Up Proxies

Using proxies is the only way to keep websites from finding out about leaks. Get good proxies, like Petaproxy, and set up your sneaker bot to switch between them. This increases your chances of staying out of sight and getting those sneakers.

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Familiarize Yourself with the Bot Interface

Take some time to learn how to use the user interface of the shoe bot you’ve picked. Learn about the different choices, tools, and benefits it has to offer.

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Configure Task Settings

For every pair of shoes you want to buy, give the sneaker bot a job to do. Change settings like size, number, and anything else that matters. Make sure that the way you do your jobs is best for the release.

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Monitor Release Information

Keep up to date on the release information, such as the date, time, and any special conditions or requirements. When new sneakers come out, they often come with specific directions that will help you be better prepared.

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Test Your Setup

Do test jobs on your sneaker bot before the real release to make sure it works right. So, you can see if there are any possible problems and make changes as needed.

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Stay Updated on Captcha Solutions

Captchas may be used as a safety tool in some releases. Know what captchas your sneaker bot can handle and be ready to use them when the release comes out.

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Execute Tasks During the Release

As the date of the release gets closer, run the tasks you set up in the sneaker bot. Make sure that tasks are moving along as planned by keeping a close eye on the process.

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Be Adaptive

Conditions for releasing can change very quickly. Get ready to deal with problems that come up out of the blue, like site crashes or more competition. Thinking quickly can make a big difference.

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Analyze Results

After the release is over, look at how well your sneaker bot did. Look at purchases that went well and find ways to make them better. Then, use this information to improve your plan for future launches.

Note: Using a sneaker bot requires a combination of preparation, adaptability, and a deep understanding of the bot’s functionality. While success is not guaranteed, these steps can significantly increase your chances of securing those sought-after sneakers during online releases.

What are the best Sneaker Bots ?

Let’s embark on a journey through the realm of cutting-edge sneaker bots, each a powerhouse in its own right, promising to elevate your sneaker-copping game to unprecedented heights.

Here you find the best Bots on the Market avaible :

1. Nike Shoe Bot (NSB)

Nike Sneaker Bot Website

Because we have studied the Nike Shoe Bot (NSB) so much, our team is proud to show it off. NSB is more than what it seems. People who want to rule the world of limited sales will love this tool. One of the biggest names in the race for exclusive sneakers is NSB. It’s easy to use and works with a lot of Shopify platforms, as well as Nike and Supreme. Our careful review process showed that users can stay ahead of the sneaker game because NSB changes so often. When new shoes come out at NSB, it’s a chance to get better at shoes.

These are the most important things about Nike Shoe Bot (NSB):

  • Multistreaming with Proxy Support: NPB supports multistreaming, which lets users watch more than one show at the same time. Proxy support is built in, which makes the sneaker copping process more private and anonymous.
  • Multi-Monitoring with Discord Notifications: NSB lets users keep a close eye on different parts of the shoe copping process by allowing multi-monitoring. Live messages work perfectly with Discord and give you information in real time.
  • Intelligent Script for Shopify Authorization: The bot uses a clever script that makes Shopify website permission easy. If bots are blocked, NSB has a way to get around it, so copping can continue as usual.
  • User Cookie Generator: NSB has a user cookie creator to lower the risk of banning. This creative method makes it less likely that the bot will be found, which makes it more useful overall.
  • Instant Captcha Bypass: NSB claims to have a one-click instant captcha escape. This improved process speeds up the step where you have to solve the captcha, which makes the whole sneaker copping process more efficient.
  • Super-Fast Checkout with Cyborg Mode: NSB’s checkout process is designed to be as quick as possible, making the whole process go very quickly. With the Cyborg mode added, it’s now possible to act like a person, which makes the copping approach more natural and successful.
  • Multiple Payment Profiles Storage:Users can save more than one payment card in NSB, which makes the checkout process faster for different updates. This tool makes it easier to manage payment information and makes it more flexible.
  • Task Password Protection:NSB prioritizes user security with password protection for tasks. This ensures that sensitive information related to sneaker copping tasks remains confidential and secure.

2. CyberAIO (formerly ANB AIO)

A lot of work has been put into the CyberAIO bot, which used to be called ANB AIO. It is a wonder of speed and ease of use. With CyberAIO’s easy captcha and interface, we were able to show that it can easily handle new products from Supreme, Shopify, and Adidas. You can think of CyberAIO as more than just a tool; it’s a way of copping that makes it easier to understand the difficult steps that often come with limited sneaker drops. CyberAIO is a great tool for people who want to quickly learn about sneakers.

Here is a list of the key features of CyberAIO (formerly ANB AIO)

  • No Supreme Support:CyberAIO is dedicated to Adidas and Shopify releases, omitting Supreme support. Users interested in Supreme drops should consider a separate bot for optimal performance.
  • Manual Captcha Entry:The bot relies on manual captcha entry, eliminating automated recognition services. This meticulous approach ensures compliance and precision during the sneaker copping process.
  • Task and Profile Management:CyberAIO streamlines user experience with a robust system for importing/exporting tasks and profile settings. Manage multiple configurations effortlessly for a tailored approach to each release.
  • Proxy Support:Users can leverage proxy lists for enhanced anonymity and security, a crucial aspect when navigating the challenges of sneaker copping.
  • Webhook Notifications:Stay informed in real-time through webhook notifications that seamlessly integrate with Discord. Receive immediate updates and alerts during critical sneaker releases.
  • Unlimited Concurrent Streams:CyberAIO offers flexibility with an unrestricted number of concurrent streams. Run multiple tasks simultaneously, maximizing your chances of securing sought-after pairs.
  • Server Compatibility (Windows Only):Run CyberAIO on a server for optimal performance, with compatibility limited to the Windows environment. This feature caters to users seeking efficient copping in server-based setups.

3. Dashe

Dashe stands out as an example of how to be more efficient in the world of Adidas and Shopify. Our team has seen how well Dashe’s quick checkout process and proxy support work together to create a precise and dependable user experience. Dashe is more than just a bot; it’s a precise tool for people who have to deal with the difficulties of new platform releases. After going through our careful review process, Dashe is a solid choice for Adidas fans who want to do well in the fast-paced world of sneaker copping.

Here is a list of the key features of Dashe:

  • Analytics Page:Dashe distinguishes itself with an Analytics Page, offering users a comprehensive overview of their performance and historical data. Gain valuable insights to optimize your copping strategy based on detailed analytics.
  • Quick Task Support:Dashe prioritizes efficiency with Quick Task Support, allowing users to swiftly create and manage tasks. This feature streamlines the process, saving valuable time during the setup phase of sneaker releases.
  • AYCD Autosolve Captcha Support:Dashe integrates support for AYCD Autosolve Captcha, enhancing the captcha-solving process. This feature ensures a smooth and automated resolution of captchas, contributing to a seamless sneaker copping experience.
  • Proxy Groups:Dashe introduces Proxy Groups, offering users a sophisticated way to manage and organize their proxy configurations. This feature enhances flexibility and customization in adapting to various sneaker release scenarios.
  • Multi-Site Support:Dashe goes beyond its unique features by providing support for multiple sites. Engage in sneaker copping across various platforms with Dashe’s versatile multi-site compatibility.

4. Kodai

Kodai Sneaker Bot Website Screenshot

It became very clear to us during our in-depth study of Kodai that this bot is more than just a tool; it’s a dedication to excellence. Kodai adds new features like a captcha solution and supports Adidas, Shopify, and Supreme. This shows that they are committed to staying on the cutting edge of the sneaker market. Our team really likes how Kodai is committed to the community by releasing regular updates that make the environment better and help users improve their sneaker collec-tion. If you invest in Kodai, you’re not just getting a bot; you’re getting a ticket to sneaker success like never before.

  • Cross-Platform Accessibility:Embrace the versatility of Kodai Bot with its seamless operation on both MAC and Windows. No matter your preferred platform, Kodai ensures an inclusive sneaker copping experience.
  • Global Reach and Multi-Site Support:Kodai transcends boundaries, supporting multiple sneaker sites and extending its reach to over 50 regions. Engage in global releases with confidence, expanding your sneaker collection effortlessly.
  • Task Customization and Freedom:Enjoy unparalleled freedom with Kodai as it allows complete customization of tasks. Tailor your strategy for each release, ensuring a personalized and effective approach.

User Dashboard for Informed Decisions:

The intuitive user dashboard empowers users with essential features like :

  • Release calendars keep you ahead of upcoming drops.
  • Tailored settings for precision in task execution.
  • Retail and resell prices provide crucial decision-making insights.
  • Personal analytics track and enhance your overall copping performance.


This guide has shed light on the ever-changing world of sneaker bots, showing how they’ve changed from simple tools to important tools for sneaker fans in the competitive world of online shopping. Users can learn useful things from the step-by-step guide and reviews of popular bots such as Nike Shoe Bot, CyberAIO, Dashe, and Kodai.

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