How to Easily Create an eBay Stealth Account

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how to easily create an ebay stealth account

Some of the limitations on the eBay website can lead to frustration. Selling limits, category restrictions, or even some common limitations such as account suspensions can hamper our business at the end of the day. But, well, technically, there’s a way around this; what we can do is use eBay stealth accounts.

For starters, eBay stealth accounts are alternative accounts that we can use to create and use different identities. They allow us to bypass eBay’s limitations and work with multiple accounts without revealing our identities. Now, this topic can be a little tricky, so in this blog, we will explain everything related to Stealth accounts, from the basics of what they are to how you can use them, so make sure to read till the very end.

What is a eBay Stealth Account?

What is a ebay stealth account?
What is a ebay stealth account?

 In a nutshell, an eBay stealth account is sort of an account that you can create using fake information or someone else’s details. The main idea of stealth accounts is to make yourself anonymous. 

Here are some of the benefits of an eBay Stealth Account;

  • More accounts means more space to list out your items, so we can bypass the selling limits that eBay proposes. 
  • Just in case, imagine your main account gets suspended; it can be troublesome, right? A stealth account can act as a backup for this particular case.
  • You can also duplicate your successful listing across multiple accounts, which can lead to an increase in revenue.

Before You Get Started

One of the things that you should keep in mind before really going into a stealth account is it is better if you use your family’s information instead of providing false information. For that, you really should get your family’s consent. Ensure not to use their information without permission, as this could lead to legal and ethical issues.

The second thing you need to ensure is that when using a stealth account, you don’t engage yourself in illegal or fraudulent activities, which may include scamming buyers, selling prohibited items, etc.

The Difference Between Stealth and Regular Accounts

Regular accounts are normal accounts that use your real information, whereas when you try to hide your identity by providing false (or someone else’s) information. This is called a stealth account.

However, there are a number of things you need to consider to make your stealth account come across as “natural” and “legitimate.” For example, you must use different IP addresses for each stealth account you make. You also kind of need to use different browsers and devices, and yes, payment methods should also be different.

Connected Accounts on eBay

eBay has an inbuilt mechanism that links accounts from the same person under the same name. For instance, let’s suppose you have two accounts with the same name, email address, and phone number; eBay connects them up and treats them as only one account.

So you might wonder why not go with Connected Accounts instead of Stealth Account; well, there are a few reasons for that: firstly, if one of your accounts gets suspended, the other one will also get suspended, ultimately resulting in losing your entire business.

Secondly, even if one of your connected accounts gets negative feedback, all your accounts will get negative feedback.

Stealth vs. Connected Accounts

As mentioned above, having connected accounts can be very risky; that’s why we recommend using stealth accounts for fallback and safety. Stealth accounts are not linked to your main account or any other accounts you own. They have different identities and details, making them appear as separate and independent accounts.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating eBay Stealth Accounts

Step by Step to ebay stealth account

Now, here’s the step-by-step guide that you can actually follow to create your very own eBay stealth accounts successfully:

Step 1: 

First things first, get the consent that you need to make an account. This way, you will be avoiding fake information, which can potentially lead to issues. So just ask your friends or family members if they are willing to let you use their details.

Step 2:

You can use a remote desktop to add in some security. Remote Desktop is a software which allows you to access another computer remotely, as the name suggests. What you actually do by using a remote desktop is make your stealth account appear as if you are using it from a different device and location. This helps you avoid suspicious activity. You can use stuff like VPNS, proxies, or VPS to obtain remote desktops. 

Better to choose a remote desktop that has a dynamic IP address, and a different browser from your main account. Also, try to choose a remote desktop that is located in the same country as your stealth account, as this will make your stealth account look more natural and legitimate.

What additional thing you can do is by using a proxy so that your IP address comes across dynamic, and the best proxy you can use is PetaProxy which is well one of the best proxies that you can use. 

Step 3: 

Next create a browser history just to establish IP address reliability. Browser history means that you need to visit some websites, scroll up some sites and perform some actions from your remote desktop, do a bit of shopping and watch videos as well. This will make your IP address look more legitimate, as it will stack up actions from this browser and will help you avoid getting blocked by eBay. You can use many tools such as Fake history maker, in order to add in some browsing history for your remote desktop.

Step 4: 

After creating a fake browser details, the next thing we need to do is follow the standard eBay account creation process. Follow the exact same process that you do while creating a regular account, which includes verifying your email address, phone number and payment address. Do not skip any steps or well put in false information as this will definitely raise red flags or alerts on eBay. 

Congratulations, you have created your first eBay stealth account! You can now use it to list and sell your items, and enjoy the benefits of having multiple accounts.

How to Prevent Issues When Creating a eBay Stealth Account

Since you have successfully created your stealth account, you can bypass eBay’s restrictions, limitations, or bans on your main accounts. However, there are certain things that you need to make sure of to avoid suspicion, which can lead to account suspension or termination. When creating and using eBay stealth accounts, follow these best practices to prevent issues and problems.

Dynamic IP address to main anonymity

To maintain your account anonymity, you should use dynamic IP addresses. One of the major ways that eBay detects and links stealth accounts is by tracking IP addresses, which are one of your internet’s unique identifiers.

If your stealth account’s IP addresses match the IP addresses of your main account, this can lead to issues. So, to avoid that, you can use dynamic IP addresses to change your IP addresses frequently. The best way to go with rotating IP addresses by using a proxy. Many proxies are available out there, so it can become difficult to choose the best one. But don’t worry; we have your back; we suggest going with PetaProxy as it provides one of the best proxy services and almost every kind of proxy service. So you can decide according to your needs.

Spacing out the creation

Another common way eBay can detect stealth accounts is by looking at the account creation patterns and behaviors. Suppose you make many stealth accounts quickly, or if you select similar information for your stealth account, eBay can easily match the dots and block your accounts.

So, you need to space out the creation of stealth accounts to look more natural and organic. Try creating one stealth account at a time and wait for a few days or weeks before starting another one. And cross-check to make sure you don’t use the same information.

Monitor your Accounts Regularly

Account activity and performance can also help eBay’s algorithm detect stealth accounts. Suppose you don’t give adequate time to your stealth account (not logging in regularly, not listing or selling any items, not responding to your buyers). In that case, eBay can easily notice and suspend your accounts. Therefore, you must manage your stealth account regularly to avoid detections and suspensions.

You can do this by checking your email, phone, and eBay messages for any notifications. In order to add trust, you can also provide the required documents or proof if eBay asks for them, such as ID, address, or bank statements, using the information you obtained from the previous steps. You can also maintain a good seller reputation and performance on your stealth accounts by listing and selling quality items, paying your fees on time, providing excellent customer service, following eBay’s policies and rules, and receiving positive feedback and ratings.


To sum up, eBay stealth accounts give users a way to get around the site’s restrictions. Sellers can use fake or stolen names to make other accounts so they can run multiple businesses without putting their main business at risk.

Her you can learn about the benefits of eBay stealth accounts and how important it is to stay anonymous and keep an eye on account activity to avoid getting caught and being suspended. With these tips, eBay users can make their online businesses even better.

Philipp Neuberger

Managing Director

Philipp, a key writer at Petaproxy, specializes in internet security and proxy services. His background in computer science and network security informs his in-depth, yet accessible articles. Known for clarifying complex technical topics, Philipp’s work aids both IT professionals and casual internet users.

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